Saturday, January 26, 2013


I have been in 6 states in 10 days. One state I went through 4 times. MD, PA, WV, VA, OH, IN among them. What a blessing it's been to be able to make this trip, in planning for almost a year.
I was privileged to visit with my Nana's siblings that are still with us. Her eldest brother and his wife are 93 and 94 respectively and they will celebrate their 68th anniversary on my birthday. They are wonderful examples.

I saw the pain, and dignity of 2 widowers - my Great Uncles. Both lost wonderful spouses who I loved calling 'Aunt'... Both have trouble knowing what to do with themselves without their other half. For one Great Uncle, he struggles with giving his late wife's things away over a year later. Another is just starting his journey through grief.

I saw a dearly beloved Great Uncle bowed with age, the only brother of 3 left, it's just he and his sister now.

I saw the simple joys of another Great Uncle and Aunt who live quietly, love much, serve the Lord, and serve others to the best of their abilities.

I saw an elderly cousin as tickled as if he was back in his 20's. (He got an old restored car, the same model as his very first one.)

I see a grandmother who endeavours greatly to make sure she sees her siblings on a regular basis.

I am blessed beyond measure to have such wonderful relatives as examples for me...

In Christ,

P.S. Many thanks are due my beloved Nana - who hosted me and did so much driving!!!!

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