Saturday, May 31, 2014


Life has been kinda crazy over the past several weeks. I've got tomatoes and peppers that still need to be planted, 3 raspberries, assorted perennials and a spicebush that needs to go in the ground - oh yea and 2 more roses!

I need to dig out 3 shrubs to plant 3 more, decide if I'm going to take out several others so the rose can be planted near the house.

And that's just the plants.

Window screens need fixed, rooms need a serious case of deep cleaning (my fault!); the grow light that was used for my plant growing this spring needs to be taken down so we can have the living room back.

Well, only 1 rose actually made it through the winter in its pot. (2 did, but the other has already found a home.)

Went to one of the local farmer's markets this morning & got scallions to chop up for baked potatoes tomorrow and 2 quarts of awesome strawberries that are currently marinating in sugar.

Sunday, May 11, 2014


My Mom is a living, breathing, walking miracle. By all the natural laws of man, she should be dead. But she is still with us.

I inherited her height - and many of her features. Before her hair started to go silver, my brothers and Dad would call me - thinking it was Mom they were calling.

Just Like my Mom, I cook by mixing a hint of this, a dash of that; also the 'dump and eyeball' method.

I love pickles even more than she, but we both love all things chocolate.

Thank God for His loving kindness - and for my Mom - GMG