Monday, May 11, 2015

A Belated Mother's Day post

Yesterday was Mother's Day.
Today I read this; Letter To Motherless Daughters and it reminded me once again to be thankful.

My Mom is a walking, talking, breathing miracle. According to medical science - she shouldn't be alive today. Her recovery was hard to watch - especially since I was too young to help her in any way
As a 5/6 year old girl, I watched her struggle for a time with small tasks... Writing, lifting even little things.

Seeing and experiencing that caused me to grow up much faster than most girls. I went through a severe rebellious stage from about 10 to 14. (God is still working to change my stubborn heart today - for which I'm thankful.) I became a 'little mother' to my younger brothers - not very successfully.

20 years have passed since then. Mom is still here and doing great. I sometimes forget how much of a miracle it is that she's alive and functioning. When I remember, my heart gets so full. Several of my own friends have lost a mother; some recently. By the grace of God and in His mercy, my own Mom is here still.

I love you, Mom.

taken 6-6-2010