Saturday, August 31, 2013

Adopted sisterness

Yesterday evening was a fun one for me. I worked in the morning and met 'the girls' for supper at Cheesecake Factory. We are just a group of girls who've known each other for years (almost all of us anyway), go to church, etc.

This particular gathering was to celebrate N's coming-all-too-fast wedding. The story of N & her fiance is a very sweet one. Thanks to mutual friends and family's intertwining backgrounds they have pictures of the two of them seated together before they even knew each other!

After a satisfying meal, we gathered at S. M's home for some fun times making & using sugar scrubs and M. did several of the girls's nails. She has a very steady hand, unlike me.

I discovered that you can make a oil/sugar scrub with cocoa powder in it that smells amazing. It tastes awesome as well! ;D

I'm so thankful for this awesome group of girls who are good examples for me, lift me up in bad times, rejoice with me in good, and are just wonderful in general. I may be the only daughter of my parents, but consider that I have quite a few 'adopted' sisters

Love you all!
photomanipulated rose made to "glow in the dark"Copyright 2012 by L.G.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Summer Busy - *Picture Heavy*

It's been so crazy this summer. Back in the middle of July, my family and I went to the Oregon coast for a family reunion and I have to say - it was extraordinary.
Sunrise behind us

 We had smooth flights - well almost completely smooth. (There was some turbulence on our flight out to Denver.)

My older cousins who were in charge of the planning did an amazing job on EVERYTHING related to putting this together.

When we were on our drive from Portland to the final destination, I caught little glimpses of the ocean from between buildings but the picture below was taken the next  morning on a beach walk.
My first real look at the Pacific Ocean

(Look at the rocks in the middle right of the above picture - they were actually well over 6 feet tall.)
Also, the starfish below, were  at the base of the higher outcropping.
Starfish on rock outcropping - they were trying to get clams/mussels open

Sunday was spent a half hour away at Beverly Beach State Park where I dipped my toes in the Pacific.
I put my toes in the Pacific - barely

Michael and Lucy were 2 of the youngest members of the clan present. Lucy got a small replica of the Canadian flag in the evening and promptly ran outside saying she was "a Canadian Superhero"! Later on it changed to "I'm a Canadian Fairy"... Lucy and her little sister were absolute loves, and Michael... was his inimitable self.
2 of the youngest cousins talking about many things

this picture is my favorite accidental shot - ever. I was trying to take pictures of seagulls to ID later and they jumped into the frame. 5 and almost 12 year old cousins playing together. 'Teo was a willing participant in Michael's schemes.
Lemon sour cream pies -amazing!

Sunset at Beverly Beach

At the beginning of August I joined my brothers and many other fellow believers in southern Indiana for a youth camp called "FuGen". From Thursday evening until Sunday afternoon, young people from Indiana, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio (and those are just the states I know of) came together to worship Jesus and fellowship with one another.

Sunrise service Friday morning in the fog.

Since I am over 21, I am on staff. So I spent loads of time in the kitchen helping out. These wonderful moms volunteer time, money and effort to put together food for 175-200 people each meal. Vats of salsa, huge roasters of hot turkey for sandwiches, a Mexican supper, Italian, awesome stuff. Praise God for their servant's hearts. They teach me more every time I go. I'm not scared of attempting bigger meals now, but I'm not at the stage where I'd be confident cooking for 100+ yet.

One of many veggie trays

The girls - including campers - bring cookies
The Worship is such a blessing there. No cares if you lift your hands, they've probably got their eyes closed and hands raised too. 

This year, more than in the past each message was tightly knit to the one before it. God had a real purpose for it. A lot of the campers were first timers this year. Young 12-13 year olds. Praise God for the salvation message - it was good to get a refresher on how simple it really is.