Saturday, August 31, 2013

Adopted sisterness

Yesterday evening was a fun one for me. I worked in the morning and met 'the girls' for supper at Cheesecake Factory. We are just a group of girls who've known each other for years (almost all of us anyway), go to church, etc.

This particular gathering was to celebrate N's coming-all-too-fast wedding. The story of N & her fiance is a very sweet one. Thanks to mutual friends and family's intertwining backgrounds they have pictures of the two of them seated together before they even knew each other!

After a satisfying meal, we gathered at S. M's home for some fun times making & using sugar scrubs and M. did several of the girls's nails. She has a very steady hand, unlike me.

I discovered that you can make a oil/sugar scrub with cocoa powder in it that smells amazing. It tastes awesome as well! ;D

I'm so thankful for this awesome group of girls who are good examples for me, lift me up in bad times, rejoice with me in good, and are just wonderful in general. I may be the only daughter of my parents, but consider that I have quite a few 'adopted' sisters

Love you all!
photomanipulated rose made to "glow in the dark"Copyright 2012 by L.G.

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