Thursday, January 3, 2013

"I ♥ Thursday (#1 for me!)

  Since I broke down and joined the land of bloggers, I wanted to link up to's  awesome  "I ♥ Thursday" posts.

I am loving right now. I'm reading through the archives right now & just amazed at their story.

Cutest dogs! (Sorry, can't figure out how to make it show the picture)

blue by swonderfulfunnyface featuring a leather shoulder bag

I'm so excited to try this out!!!

I love this stuff & buy it by the case!
These 3 cats are enormously dear to my family - okay to me & my dad. My brothers & mom have more of a love/hate relationship with them. 2 of the 3 have been with us since birth.
Kitty Dog Pile
Front to back: Pansy, Ankle Biter & Snowflake.

This former stray who has such enormous personality!

My brother loves irony - he started calling this little scamp of a black kitty, "Snowflake"... because he has 1 patch of white at the very base of his belly. Panther is Dad's name for him, Mom votes for Vinnie & me - I call him everything.

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