Wednesday, January 16, 2013

So many birthday's... More thankfuls

  There are a lot of birthdays in my family in January. January 15th is my beloved 'Nana's' birthday. This year, she is 80 years young. This energetic woman is a wonderful example for me. She raised 3 children, helped her husband run an audiovisual business, cooked wonderfully and so much more. When her kids were grown, she traveled, wrote a book, started - and ran - her own business, helped her siblings write their family history, endured the tragedy of losing a child - and grandchildren, and on a regular basis travels 500+ miles 1 way to visit us.

I love you Nana, and happy birthday!

#1. I'm thankful for friends who I can call up and talk with anytime.
#2. The privilege of being able to openly read God's Word.


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