Saturday, January 5, 2013

Surprise of a Lifetime

*This is a repost from a Facebook note posted April 18th 2011* 

T-shirts made by a cousin that play up Grandpa's love of hunting
Surprise of a Lifetime
     Somehow 30 plus people managed to pull the surprise party of a lifetime off. The unsuspecting guest of honor was reeled in slowly and carefully and the planning started immediately after the Glick family reunion last July(2010). Relatives from Canada to Virginia to Indiana and Illinois and D.C. all came together to plan. The surprise was to take place in Winchester, Virginia on April 15 and 16, 2011.
    And of course being that it is the Glick clan, we can't help but "make a funny" every once in a while. From "Booked under Courtney Shess" to the "Glick wedding party", to Uncle Marv's hilarious texts to everyone the day of the surprise, to the unforeseen event of the guest of honor's delay by traffic jam, there was plenty of laughter to be had.
   The weather was perfect that evening and, by dribs and drabs people started to walk down to the resturant. I ran to get a coat, as the breeze was rather chilly and coming back to the corner where I was supposed to follow Mom and Dad, they had disappeared. I went up and down for a bit, then caught up with my Aunt Carri, and Cousins Jerry & Will and we promptly got lost together. Finally we got on the right track and found the resturant.
    Laughter and chaotic greetings ensued and things began to take on a new, quicker pace. The waiting seemed interminable, and we whiled the time with catching up with various loved ones.
   Finally the guest of honor arrived. "Who is it?" you might ask... Well, it was my Grandpa Glick, known to some as "Vern", to others as "Uncle Vern", but to me, simply - Grandpa. After the singing of "He's a Jolly Good Fellow" we all hugged and greeted him
   Then we sat down and broke bread together.
   Saturday began on a gray note, as the city of Winchester soaked up a heavy spring rain, accompanied by lots of wind, and towards evening, lightening and thunder.
   Sleeping in, conversations, laughter, piano-playing, picture taking, and many other things diverted us all as we relaxed and waited for the evening to draw near.* Laughter was had by the younger members of the party when 2 of the teen boys on the trip were retrieving an elk call & used it in the hall of an upper floor while waiting on an elevator. It was heard IN the elevator by another cousin & myself on the first floor!*
    Preparations began for the evening's party and everyone prepared once again to enjoy a fun-filled evening. Half the fun of watching the AWESOME slideshow that everyone contributed to were the wry, funny or openly laughing comments made by the audience - not to mention the captions!!! Most of those photos  were ones that I had never seen before, or most of the relatives for that matter.
But this night I think is best summed up by my Great Uncle Dan in this -
I am privileged to be a part of such a family. And three cheers for Grandpa!!

*The asterisks convey that this particular portion was written this morning. 

In Christ,
Leah - Who.Is.Blessed.

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