Monday, December 2, 2013

For Miss Elaini

I have listed 19 books and 1 DVD on Amazon to sell. The money from them, and others wating to be listed will go to Miss Elaini and her orphans in India. On Sunday night after Bible study, I was talking to my dear friend CJM and I had the strong impression that THIS was what I needed to do with the proceeds.

We has a very challenging (to me at least) discussion on what the First Fruits mean in our lives as Christians, among one of the topics of discussion was tithing. How it's a 10th of your income, etc. I was challenged by M.R. (one of the young men who leads my group) about how most people usually tithe from their take home pay. But shouldn't we be tithing from our gross income? I want to follow God on that.

Back to my subject. I am praying, and dedicating the money from the sale of these books to Miss Elaini's project.

May the Lord Jesus challenge you as He has me.
I cannot wait to see where this takes me.

In Christ,

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