Saturday, December 14, 2013

Winter snows


My mom is of the philosophy that if it's cold outside, there should be snow on the ground. I agree, more for the fact that, as a gardener, snow insulates the ground from excess freezing.

And best of all? I got off from work today! My boss is awesome!

Winter in my state is insane... Wednesday it was 22 with a windchill of 9 at 6 pm. There was a cold advisory that night. Friday it was sunny and in the mid 30's. Last night around 7 pm it started snowing and - as far as I can tell, hasn't stopped since!

As my brother once put it, Indiana weather is bi-polar. (Not a nice way to put it, but certainly accurate.) We can have 30-40 degree temp. swings in an afternoon!
Our pine tree with a heavy load - 2009

the snow covered fence - 2008

Grasses in winter, inverted to negative, whirlpool
When I went out at 1 pm Saturday it was raining - and it continued until late in the afternoon. Then it froze again... The result? An icy mess on residential streets.

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