Thursday, December 19, 2013


Today has been a very hard day. Our little black cat had been sick and then died today. I have bawled my eyes out over it. I loved that kitty - his personality more than filled the room.
'Snowflake' was just barely over a year old. He came to us as a waif-like stray in October 2012 & had struggled on and off at times with his health.

I am going to miss him sorely. From waking to Mom hollering because Blackie was wrapping himself around her ankles for the 15th time that morning... To his funny little half-questioning purr that he liked to use for a meow... To his not-so-endearing habit of sticking his claws in your rear end (while you were standing) just so he could stretch out...

My heart hurts, but I'm glad he's not in pain anymore.

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