Thursday, January 1, 2015

Year End Rambles #2 (A Day Late!)

Wow, how much has changed this year.
My little brother is now an engaged man (almost married), I worked my last day at my 4+ year restaurant job; and started working for my Dad in the drywall industry.
Relatives passed away, 4 new babies joined the world at my church; and my cousin had twin boys, who though premature, are safe at home now!

I learned how to make applesauce, pickles, pickle relish, blanch corn, and tomato juice cocktail.

(The pickles have been on my bucket list for years!!!!) YES! *Fist pump*

I got a new computer, painted a bunch of trinkets back in January and February.

Finally learned how to cook dried beans - soak 'em in saltwater (3 tablespoons to a gallon of water). Cook's Illustrated magazine is a good one to find out about things like that.
Organized the pantry.
Went to the Indiana Master Gardener Conference! WOW did I learn a lot - especially about bees. The money I spent on the lessons in high school was the best investment I ever made.

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