Sunday, January 4, 2015

After the Wedding

Well, the wedding's over, the vows have been spoken, the bride and groom are on their honeymoon; and me - I have a sister after 25 1/2 years. That and a lot of soup in the freezer. And lettuce in the fridge.

It was small and simple, and completely them. Even to my darling brother's phone going off right before the ceremony... with an alarm that he had a wedding to go to!

K. walked up the aisle with our pastor.  E. walked with her mother. No attendants. K and E did their own  and most of the family pictures before the wedding. 3 kinds of soup, salad and bread, with cupcakes and a smallish triple tower cake. The soups were a collaborative effort, with 2 friends making one kind, myself another, and the 3rd was purchased from a restaurant supply store. Two more friends made the cake and cupcakes.

The decorations were put together by E, K and E's mother.

When they left to start their honeymoon, they had sparklers for all to send them off in style.

I didn't take one picture, but enjoyed the memories that were made.

The next day (Saturday), I spent being completely and utterly lazy.

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