Thursday, January 15, 2015


I've been going through old pictures tonight (1/14/15). These were taken at the 2010 Glick Reunion.

Everyone's cups, clean, labeled and ready for the next use

It was held here No cellphone reception for anyone, no WiFi, none of the "ordinary" technical accoutrements of modern life.

As I recall, there wasn't even Air Conditioning! 

 And yet 60+ people from the ages of about 90 all the way down to 3 years had a rousing good time. We were even fortunate enough to have a cousin and her family attend the reunion from Norway! (They took the prize for coming the farthest.)

 The road going by the camp grounds was so completely deserted that you could've taken a nap in the middle of it without being disturbed.

 The front of the lodge in the setting sunlight.

 Thanks to all who stayed in the lodge, we had full access to a private beach where we could enjoy the water.

 We had a full Glick breakfast, thanks to my cousin Lali and her talent in cooking.

Kayaking with a hitchhiker on the back
There is always a Scrabble table set up at a Glick reunion. and another for puzzles.

The nearby fen
Michigan DNR Bogs & Fens

 The ping pong table was quite used up over the weekend. I believe there is a trophy for the winner of the reunion tournament.

Another shot of the fen

The couch fort
 M. Y. somehow managed to get 2 or 3 couches shoved up against each other. He and L. B. had loads of fun playing in there. Oh the joys of being 3.  :)

swan grooming itself on the fenland
Last, a shot of the family making their way up to the dining hall for the last night's dinner.

I still think about that time. There were a few scary moments - like when my cousin N. fell of the back of a truck and ended up with a concussion and in the emergency room. But, thank God, he was fine.

There were funny moments, like other cousins and my brothers capsizing a boat on the lake. A cousin jumping in the lake - forgetting his phone was still in his pocket!!!! (Somehow he managed to get it working again too.)

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