Saturday, March 2, 2013

Roy, Dale, The Sons of the Pioneers..... among others

I absolutely love listening to the awesomeness of Roy Rogers, Dale Evans & The Sons of the Pioneers in their heyday of the 30's - 50's. It's been termed "Western Swing" & "Western movie music" among other things. Me - I just call it AWESOME!!!!!
Got this stuck in my head today. I was being the major grump tonight & somehow this earwormed its way in. (Thankfully.)

This followed the above pretty quickly, reminding me that I don't need to be blue! I've got work!

I needed to remember this one earlier today... Hehe, I was rather a grouchy pants today.

The audio is just a touch odd sounding in spots but you can hear the purity of their harmony. This is a great song! It has that wide open, lonesome sound to it.

A true Western classic, done with Roy's inimitable touch.

Great song, and so beautifully sung!

I know this is a video heavy post, but these songs are worth it! If you have to pick - the 2nd one & the 3rd from the last.


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