Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Musical Musings

It's incredible how much your memories can be triggered by music.

For me, just a few of the songs that trigger memories are.....

"Redeemed" by Big Daddy Weave will always bring a certain conversation strolling along a wooded path with my dear friend Nat to mind.

"I'm A Seed" by the David Crowder Band takes me back to Wednesday evenings in midsummer 2012 riding to church in the backseat of my brother's car; wind whipping through the open windows.

"Your Love, O Lord" by Third Day instantly brings a nippy late September sunset spent with fellow believers on the shore of Lake Michigan. We sang our hearts out under the bracingly blue evening sky. There is something very profound about looking up into a wide open, clear heaven as you sing the lyric, "Your faithfulness stretches to the skies" or looking at the waves lapping the shore as you sing, "Your justice flows like the ocean's tide". A year and a half later, I still go back to that wonderful night whenever I hear the song play.

"Open Skies" by The David Crowder band brings the memories of my week as a volunteer waitress at a Mennonite summer camp called Black Rock Retreat back to mind. God taught me a lot in that brief 5 day period.

What are your musical memories? 
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  1. Hey Leah,
    That would be awesome, if you could get the gentlemen's e-mail address for me. Do you remember how much the movie was at all? Do you live near the central Indiana area? As I do!! :D

    ~Ashley @ Bramblewood Fashion

  2. Thanks for sharing your musical memories with us! My favorites are the songs song at our wedding! :)

    1. You're welcome. Thank you for hosting! The list could've been a whole lot longer, but reading through and hearing the songs again brings those memories right back.