Monday, July 10, 2017

Rahab's Faith

"And she said according to your words, thus it is. And she sent them, and they went, and she bound the scarlet cord, in the window."
                         Joshua 2:21
This passage stopped me in my tracks when I read it several years ago. The Lord brought that truth of, "Rahab didn't wait to do what the spies had told her to do with the scarlet cord!"
 There's an immediacy in the language of the Scripture here. To confirm this, I contacted a friend who studies Hebrew.

"I looked it (the words in Joshua 2) up today, and it implies actions that follow each other. " - R.D., a Hebrew scholar
In other words, Rahab did not wait for the return of the spies - and Israel. She knew that Israel would be swift in returning to the country, God was with them and that Israel would conquer. 

She placed her faith in the only true God. Then she followed up with action. She put 'feet' on her faith.

Many years later, Rahab would become one of Jesus's ancestors. The prostitute from Canaan is spoken of today because she believed in the one true God and His power.

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