Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday Worship and Musings

At church my pastor has been teaching for several weeks on 'Faith For The Times'. About how if you are a whosoever, you can have whatsoever you ask believing. The Divine Solution: Only Believe "There are terms and conditions in God's Word, but they are not in tiny print at the back. They are right next to the promises."

Today Pastor spoke about how we need to heed those little pricks of the Holy Spirit to our hearts. (As an example: 'You shouldn't have spoken to that person like that.') If we are not meeting the conditions laid out in the Bible for effective faith, then our faith will be weak and ineffective.

And then I came home and failed my Saviour. I fell into some old and hard to break sin habits. Man, it's so easy to do. When we try to be perfect/good/etc. in ourselves, We. Will. fail. Every. Time. Only when we cling to the Saviour, then we conquer. In weakness we are made strong in Him.



Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth

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  1. You are right, we all fall but the believer gets back up is the difference... That is when I pray King David' prayer, "create in me a clean heart"... Thanks for sharing.