Sunday, February 22, 2015

God's Little Miracles

It has been almost 3 years (pretty sure it's been) since I received my miracle Bible.

To make a long story short, I gave away the Bible I'd had​ since I was little to someone who needed it and went back to using a slimline KJV that I'd used in my solitary year in a private school. (3rd grade. I was 9 that year.) The Bible was showing its age. Leather was flaking off, some pages were getting torn, etc.

While with friends, I casually looked at the Bibles in a book store. But they were out of my price range.

I had just about decided that I would use colorful duct tape to recover my Bible. Then I came home one Sunday night from our youth Bible study and Mom told me someone had given me an anonymous gift. She kept emphasizing anonymous.

When I opened it, it was a brand new Bible. My name engraved down in the corner - in my style of writing!!! NJKV, which I had desired, and it was a study Bible.

I'm so tickled I could pop, even this long while later.

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  1. I love stories like this! This reminds me of the time that my husband and I decided we were going to tithe, come what may (at the time we h ad 7 children). Things were tight, and this would be a sacrifice. Not 30 minutes later after making that decision, our children asked if we could get some ice cream. We had to tell them, no, since we were making sure to give to the Lord. Well, two hours later, someone who was in our church, but had never, ever come to our house (except for a prayer night) showed up at our door. He said he couldn't explain it, but felt led to come by our house and give us "this". The "this" was about 4 *gallons* of ice cream! Way more than we needed!!! God is amazing.


    1. I know. Have had so many of those God moments. Like the time someone just dropped money into my purse one Sunday morning at church. Never knew who did it, but it was much appreciated.

      I had something kind of similar happen to me when I was challenged at our young people's Bible Study..... actually the very day I received the Bible! The giver had put money all through it. I had places to put all of it, but after the challenge on being an open faucet of giving I knew what to do.

      thank you so much for sharing that little story, it's an encouragement.