Sunday, July 19, 2015

Randomness & Catch Up

wow, I skipped almost 2 whole months blogging. There have been several changes in my own and my family's lives in the past month. Plus, the changes in the world.

Random June sunset
For one, after growing up all my life in the same house, we are officially moving. I do mean all my life - parents moved here a month before I was born. Our landlord's kids have been more than generous with the time they've given us to move - over 6 months. Excited for a fresh start, nervous, a little freaked out all describe my emotions right now. Not to mention I'm a little stressed as it's now less than 6 months to go and we have done almost NO packing done!

Of course, I started a new job in March and went full time in late April. It is closer to my desired field.

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