Sunday, March 29, 2015

Catch Up/New Things

Wow! Looked at the date of my last post and this month has simply flown by.

Long story short, I had to look for work that was more than just a few hours a week for Dad. So I started applying different places at the end of February.

I also emailed a plant warehouse that literally sits within a quarter mile of my house. When I'm down on the street by my car I can read the business sign. Upon initially contacting them, they weren't hiring. The lady said that she would keep my name in mind though.

So, I went back to work at my original job at the fast food restaurant (first week of March). Part time at that point. Didn't have the intestinal fortitude to go back full time.

Started on a Monday. That Wednesday I got an email from the warehouse. "We're hiring, please call." Called that morning, set up an interview for Friday afternoon and of course let my bosses at the restaurant know of the possibility of a second job.

Friday was an extremely busy day. Mom and myself had a Bible study to go to in the morning and I was babysitting some wonderful kiddos from church starting at 5. (They live about 45-55 minutes away.)

Between all the madness I went over and talked with one of the owners and her husband and son-in-law. And praise God, they hired me to start the following Monday. 7 to 3  2 days a week book-ending my work week at the restaurant.

This set of pictures are of a great uncle's set of old utensils. I used my not very good cell phone camera to capture these images. From my peering at them, they appear to be handmade. The spatula's in particular have this appearance.

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