Monday, November 17, 2014

Family Sadness

Wilbur Maust Obituary
It's been over 4 months since this dearly beloved father, uncle, grandfather and husband left this life.

He is my great uncle, my paternal grandmother's brother-in-law. One of 2 "Uncle Bill's" in my Nana's family connection, Uncle Bill Maust was an ardent musician, inveterate optimist and with a gentle way that captured the heart of this great niece of his.

One thing you could always count on was his gentle humor. Towards the end of his life he was able to make the visit from Canada to my Nana's 80th birthday celebration. While there he asked my Mom if he could keep her company at a table. (She was in the middle of a nasty cold and didn't want to 'contaminate' anyone.) The way he asked was so graceful, as if Mom was doing him a favor, that it sticks with me almost 2 years later.

I can never remember hearing him talk about how bad his health was. What a shock it was to me to read of his battles with cancer.

Uncle Bill Maust, musician, husband, friend, father, uncle and too many more things to be named; we will miss you.

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