Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Long Winter... Other Rambles

It's been a couple weeks since I wrote here last. We just got another 7 or so inches last night of more snow.... I'm so ready for winter to be over now. It's insane - my city is over 6 million dollars into its 2013/2014 snow budget, the salt barns are veeeery low, the streets almost never get a chance to dry out before more snow comes through. I officially have spring fever and we still have over a month and a half of winter to go!

And, I've managed to have not one but two colds. *snorts* So much fun.

On the bright side - I got new tires for my car!!!!! I was so thankful, particularly since I was able to get 4 tires for just 72 dollars more than the price I thought I would have to pay for 2! Jesus did it! I went to the tire store with my dad and we ended up speaking with the manager. The tires must've been pretty terrible. The manager quoted me a price for 4 tires and said he was giving me 1 free. The price included installation and tax.

I sang for joy!

 "My God shall supply ALL of my needs according to His riches and glory by Christ Jesus."

Since the weather has been so nasty, I've gotten off work early quite a bit when I work at night. So, recently, I set up my art studio again.
The shelving above my desk, also holds my craft ribbon 9-12

2-12 Before shelving was added. I use clear pushpins to hang the stickers on the wall

Across from desk. There are more books on there now. Finished boxes are on wire shelf above

The shelf my paint's stored on was a yard sale find. Perfect size for 2 oz. acrylic paints
I did this after looking at craft room ideas on Pinterest in September 2012. Dad helped to install the shelving system. I also use a corner of my dresser to hold my 8 oz. bottles of acrylic. A fancy flowerpot holds decorative edge scissors and an ever growing collection of Sharpies.

Am praying about things related to this hobby that is teetering on being a full grown business (maybe? I don't know yet).

My first attempt at multimedia. Acrylic on canvas with stickers. 2-14

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