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Stephen Bly, Western Author

I'm going to miss him. Stephen Bly wrote western fiction from a Christian point of view. He passed away 2011 (is that correct?). A pastor, former town mayor, father, husband and a great writer.

Fool's Gold was listened to many times after we discovered Mr. Bly at our local library. Funnily enough, we actually listened to its sequel "Hidden Treasure" first, and the "Skinner's of Goldfield" trilogy is awesome!
The first Bly book I read

The characters in the Homestead series make me laugh SO stinkin' hard. And Jolie Bowers reminds me, of me.

First of 3 in the series

For me, I find Mr. Bly's style of writing more personal than say... Louis L'Amour (also a great writer). It focuses more on the ordinary, everyday events of ordinary people/families when they've been thrust into extraordinary circumstances.
Through his descriptive abilities, he has raised a desire in me to go to Montana, Colorado and Wyoming - especially Wyoming! (Read 'Memories of a Dirt Road Town' trilogy for the latter.)

 The Fortune family has a long and winding story throughout the Western U.S., but especially in the 'dreary' Black Hills. I reread this series frequently. Unfortunately, my local library's copies are quickly disappearing due to damage.

1st of 6 books in this series

Bly Books - Here is Mr. and Mrs. Bly's website.

                                                                                    This book is my  
                                                                                 favorite from the Fortune
                                                                                 series. Young Frank is a        
                                                                                 hoot, and you'll recognize
                                                                                 a character from the    
                                                                                 Homestead series. (I won't
                                                                                 tell you who, but you'll
                                                                                definitely recognize 'em. :D)

The 'Horse Dreams' trilogy has made me want to visit Wyoming - a LOT. Best of all? He makes an Indiana schoolteacher and her friends, family and cohorts come alive.

Humor and faith in God are two abiding things in Mr. Bly's writings. And he was past master in showing how 4 different conversations could be going on at the same time. (I still shake my head and bow to the master of that kind of writing.)

I will miss him, but can't wait to read the book that his wife and children completed for him----

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  1. I remember reading his Strangers and Pilgrims series a while back. Even before I had a blog with that same title :) Thank you for sharing some great reads on the Art of Home-Making Mondays!